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Telecommunication Construction Starts At Chester Bowl [Video]
A press release I received from the City of Duluth informed of an upcoming project that will replacement a Sprint telecommunications pole with a new permanent mono-pine tower in Chester Bowl Park on the upper hillside. The project will begin on April 13 and that may cause some trails to close tempor…
Minnesota Law Enforcement Agencies Spying On Cellphones
First, we learned that the NSA was tracking all of our information.  Now it appears that even closer to home, right here in Minnesota, law enforcement agencies are gathering information from citizen's cellphones.   Most of those phones are everyday people, and not criminal.
Verizon Wireless To End Unlimited Data Plans
It was announced in an industry conference yesterday that Verizon will no longer be offering an unlimited data plan to it's customers with the new expanded 4Glte network.  Many customers who already have their unlimited contracts will be grandfathered in, but new customers soon will no lon…
Why Your Gas Gauge Lies To You
I ran across this on cracked.com and had to share it.  Why is it that the first half of your gas tank lasts a lot longer than you're bottom half?  It makes perfect since with the explanation of how the float in your gas tank works.