Computers and cell phones, they are very useful and yet can be a source of frustration for parents.  The Cloquet Police Department wants you to know there are options available.  You just need to sit down with your child/children and develop a plan that will work for all.

Every kid is different, some won't need to be monitored as much as others.  Most major cell phone carriers have tools that can help control or restrict cell phone use.

Here are some suggestions:

Limit data usage to stay within your data plan (otherwise it will be an additional cost to you)

Limit incoming or outgoing calls or SMS during school hours (other than emergencies, of course)

Limit use overnight (they need their sleep to be at their best in school)

Set [age] restrictions on content (very important, from experience, you know how easy it is with a couple of clicks to end up where you shouldn't be!)

Block spam, blocked or unwanted numbers (this will avoid any potential scams they might get involved with)

The Cloquet Police Department suggestions you check out these links:






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