Barkers Island

Check Out Photos Of The Restored Barker's Island Beach
Superior Mayor Jim Paine announced on Facebook this week that the Barker's Island Beach Restoration Project has been completed. The goal of the project was to reduce levels of e. coli bacteria. They did this by utilizing  the wetland areas, managing runoff, and deterring wildlife. The...
Superior's Ice Project Collapses
The massive wall of ice at Barkers Island in Superior Wisconsin has crumbled down as of this morning.  The project was expected to reach 90 feet wide and 75 feet high by mid February.  There hasn't been comment yet on why the failure happened, but one could speculate that the odd weat…
Ice Wall Update
Driving home this afternoon I took a quick detour to see for myself the Wall of Ice project that artist Roger Hanson has been working on.  There is a noticeable difference than what I saw just a few days ago.

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