After a warmer and less-snowy start to winter, snow and colder weather have arrived as we get closer to the 2024 Lake Superior Ice Festival in Superior, Wisconsin!

This annual event will be held at the end of January this year, bringing two days full of fun for the entire family to Superior.

According to the event's website, the vision for this winter festival is to "attract people of all ages and abilities to share in Superior’s passion for all things winter and come together to celebrate the coolest aspects of our city".

Here's a rundown of what to know, including schedules, tips for attending, and more!

When and where is the 2024 Lake Superior Ice Festival?

This year's event will be held the final weekend of January, happening on January 26 and 27, 2024. Festivities will be held on and around Barkers Island in Superior, Wisconsin.

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Festivities get underway with some of the weekend's events starting at 4 pm on Friday, January 26. The final events of night one will wrap up by 10 pm, with day two events starting at 9 am, and running through the day.

Is the event free? What do I need to plan for to attend?

Attending is indeed free, and so are many of the activities that are available during the weekend! Attending the ice racing and purchasing food & beverages are a couple of reasons you still might want to bring some cash - if you want to partake. Here's more information about the food and beverages that will be available.

Parking is available on and near the island. There is limited parking near Barkers Island Inn and at the boat launch area, but the best place to park is on the hill as you enter Barkers Island. There will also be shuttles to get you to the action. You can learn more here.

Organizers do warn that parking is not allowed along Marina Drive on either side of the road.

Finally, come dressed for the weather! Boots, warm coat, hat, gloves etc. are must-have items so you can enjoy all of the fun (which is outdoors) without getting cold! There will be some fire pits and s'mores to warm up and have a snack, but you'll still want to be dressed for the cold!

What is happening for the 2024 Lake Superior Ice Festival?

Lake Superior Ice Festival on Facebook
Lake Superior Ice Festival on Facebook

Here are some of the highlights of events and activities for each day. Tap on the event title to get more information. For a complete list of all of the events and attractions, check out the full event list.

Friday Events & Activities

Saturday Events & Activities

Photo by Kew Li Wen on Unsplash
Photo by Kew Li Wen on Unsplash

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