B105 Breakfast Club

Today's Brain Teaser Answer A Sign Of The Times
Congratulations to April F, she got the answer to the Brainteaser Question right today and that brought up one of my favorite funny commercials on TV.  The question was:
The sale of this item has steadily been declining for the past 10 years.  What do you think it is?
Do Duluth Police Officers Really Like Donuts? Here's Proof
Ken and I took the B105 Breakfast Club on the road to the Grand Opening of Dunkin' Donuts on Central Entrance.  We expected lots of people to stop by and buy lots of donuts, but didn't expect THIS.  Public Information Officer Ron Tinsley from the Duluth Police Department stopped …
Morning Show Fail
So, there we were, Cathy and I talking on the air and wham! Cathy's mic had no sound, and she had to hop on my side of the mixing board. That was to talk, and read her story.