Today, February 16, 2016 is a very special day for both Ken and I, individually and together.  Today, we celebrate three anniversaries and I surprised Ken with a gift.  Watch the video and you'll see why my co-host is a self-proclaimed nerd.

Here's the story on the anniversaries.  On February 16, 9 years ago, Ken and I started on our venture together with you as the Breakfast Club.  It has been interesting to watch him go from a young kid living in a basement under the stairs of a friend's house to feeling his pain of going through the process of buying his own home.  Now he can add to the conversation during our home owner horror stories.

It's been interesting to hear his failed stories of dating (um, red satin sheets?) and watch him choose a wife and start his family with Shawna and Zack by his side.  Even better, I got to officiate his wedding! (I think because I told him I'd do it for free)!  After countless "when are you going to have a baby" questions, his father was told by Susan Anderson, our psychic that he was going to be a grandfather and we all turned slowly towards Ken to watch all the color drain from his face.  After nine months of anticipation stories coupled with advice from you, Jane was born.  Now we hear of pink eye, poopie diapers and we melt with the latest word she has learned to say.  It's never a dull moment with Ken and his ability to paint a picture with words.  Because he finally took me ice fishing this year, I thought I'd surprise him with an anniversary gift.

The other two anniversaries I mentioned was Ken's nine years on B105 and my anniversary of 19 years in radio broadcast.  We appreciate that you wake up with us every morning listening to your favorite country music, whether it's today's best or your all-time favorites.  You have no idea how much we enjoy sharing our lives with you (you know my toilet lights up at night).  We love that you've grown comfortable enough with us that you call in and share your own stories and advice.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship and keeping me in your lives for the past 16 years.  I know I speak for Ken when we sincerely thank you for the last 9 years together in the Breakfast Club.  Hugs from the hub of love!

My job allows me the ability to do all sorts of fun things, like go behind the scenes of the Amsoil Arena with the UMD Bulldogs. [check it out]

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