We have literally been talking about going ice fishing together for years and it finally happened!  Ken Hayes did the unthinkable and managed a few hours with Cathy Kates in an ice fishing house.  He managed to stay calm, even when I told him I had brought my needlework.

I haven't been ice fishing since I was a child, but have wanted to go for years.  When Ken suggested we do it this weekend, Homie and I were all over it.  Ken made it very easy for us.  He said to meet at Fish Lake and he would have chairs and all our gear, we only needed to bring snacks and beverages.  I can handle that!

It didn't take long to set up and we were off and fishing.  Almost immediately my bobber went down and I pulled up a perch.  In between eating lunch and fishing, as you can see by the above picture we also had Doritos.  All three of us pulled in a few perch, but one of mine was the biggest :)  (Bigger than the one in the pic below).

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

I want it noted for the record, Ken turned the heater on because HE was cold before I got cold and I never ONCE took out my needlework.  I posted a pic on facebook and couldn't believe the response.  It proved to me how popular ice fishing is and lucky we are to be able to do it in our own backyards.  We decided we have to go again soon, we can't have a fish fry until we catch some fish!

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