Congratulations to April F, she got the answer to the Brainteaser Question right today and that brought up one of my favorite funny commercials on TV.  The question was:

The sale of this item has steadily been declining for the past 10 years.  What do you think it is?

There could have been lots of answers to that question, for instance.

Chewing gum:  They say people are chewing less gum and buying more mints right now.  Golf equipment:  The sale of golf equipment has been affected due to the economy.  Convertibles:  Again, the sales of this type of vehicle has been affected by the economy and probably has something to do with whether it's a viable vehicle for families.

But, the answer we were looking for was a razor.  Sales have been declining because of Movember, where guys throw the razor away for a month and don't shave and because of the hipster movement, where beards and man buns are IN!  I've noticed the price increase with razors for women too! I'll save some $$$ now that we're out of shorts and skits weather and leggings and pants are a must!

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