Taco Bell is a cheap lunch option.  There really is no better place to fill your gut for a few bucks.  That doesn't mean it's always a good idea, but yesterday I went to try the new "Big Box" that features the Dare Devil Loaded Griller.  Here's my thoughts.

OK first off, this doesn't look anything at all like the picture.   I wasn't sure I actually got the right order, I had to check the receipt. It's a lot smaller than I thought.

I got the mild chipotle because I didn't want to blow fire out of my butt later.  It tastes pretty good, and there is a mild kick.  It has good flavor, and if you buy one for only a dollar, it's worth the deal.

There really isn't anything special about the loaded griller.  To be honest, it taste just about the same as the Grilled Stuft Nachos.

So, overall for a dollar it's not a bad buy.  Just don't expect it to look at all like the picture.