I love nachos.  Who doesn't?  So when Taco Bell came out with the newest creation (the Nacho to go), it was a no brainer to order it up.  Here's what I thought.

I got in in the box deal with a supreme burrito and a taco, and it was like 6 dollars and change.  Taco Bell is probably still one of the cheapest options for lunch.

I unwrapped it and at first I wasn't sure where to start.  Was there a proper corner?  Do I start in the middle.  This triangle shaped burrito wrapper was puzzling.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

It was pretty tasty.  After a few bites I noticed that this was spicier than I thought it would be.  There's plenty of cheese, and it actually is a little more moist than regular nachos would be.  I'm guessing the drippings or whatever are all encapsulated in the wrapper.


After I finished eating my Stuft Nacho Big Box, I felt the usual shame and guilt after eating at Taco Bell.  It's good, but you don't feel good about it afterwards.   At least it was cheap.

Overall it was pretty good, and I may order it again.


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