Who doesn't love nachos? I personally like mine loaded with all the good stuff. They have to at least have a good layer of cheese as a foundation to build on. But, the problem you run into with nachos is that after the top layer is gone, there are just chip crumbs underneath. Talk about a buzz kill!

Hopefully, you at least have some guacamole or salsa to help finish it off. Still, the lack of cheese is disappointing. If you want to try something different, I've got the place to get nachos for you.

These nachos were precisely covered with cheese. The nachos were spread around the plate without overlapping. Yes, you have fewer tortilla chips than if you pile it all in a heap, but the quality was much better. The cheese was perfectly melted, and the chips weren't soggy, which happens sometimes when you pile cheese on a heap of tortilla chips.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

We got the appetizers including these nachos at Silos Restaurant at Pier B Resort Hotel. We were at a work outing and ordered other food too, like walleye crabs, cheese curds, and a couple of plates of nachos.

They are called Silos Nachos and they come with pork carnitas or spiced chicken, Colby jack cheese, pico de Gallo, salsa verde, and seasoned sour cream.

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They were all a hit, but the nachos went the fastest. I wonder how they make them so precise. It's a technique I'm going to try to perfect at home!

Silos at Pier B has some good food, and I think their appetizers are a hit. It's a great spot to bring friends from out of town to for a "Duluth experience."

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