I'm a huge fan of Nachos! Actually, it's nachos and beer. So for other fellow nacho lovers, I've compiled a list of the 5 best nachos in the northland. You might just want to try one of them out this weekend!

  • Ken Hayes
    Ken Hayes

    Mexico Lindo's Nachos (Half order shown)

    Of course you'll see a couple of Mexican restaurants on this list. After all it is the most authentic tasting of nachos. I like my nachos to have plenty of guacamole and sour cream. It helps when you have those "naked" chips. (the ones that didn't get anything on them, and you need to dip them.)

  • twinportsnightlife.com

    Mr. D's Bar & Grill

    I was pleasantly surprised when my wife and I ordered nachos at Mr. D's. I've had a lot of their food and it's always been good. This particular time, we just wanted an appetizer. The nachos had everything you need and tasted great. Plus it's nice to eat the nachos right at the bar!

  • photo: flikr
    photo: flikr

    Buffalo Wild Wings

    Part of what makes good nachos is the atmosphere you are in. Buffalo Wild Wings has tv's for wallpaper so you're sure to see whatever game you want while you are munching away on these delicious nachos. Plus you're already there... why not get a pitcher and an order of wings too?

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    Hacienda del Sol

    Chris Allen told me I NEEDED to include Hacienda Del Sol's nachos. Unfortunately, they had a fire recently and have been temporary closed since, so I haven't been able to try them out for myself. I'll take Chris's word for it. He says it's a generous plate of nachos piled high with all the goodies. I'm sure if it is anything else like I've tasted at Hacienda, it's got to be really good. Let's hope they get back on their feet and start serving up some great authentic Mexican food soon!

  • Ken Hayes
    Ken Hayes


    It's always a treat when we get to go to the "fire restaurant." That's what our 3 year old calls it because of the fire inside cooking the wood fired chicken. That's exactly what makes the nachos at Grizzly's the best! I usually order beef nachos, but when I go to Grizzly's I always order the chicken nachos. It's because it's fresh, wood fired cooked chicken. Besides the chicken, they have everything you would want on nachos. Tons of fresh guacamole, a special sour cream and chive dip, and great salsa. Also every single tortilla chip is crisp and crunchy like it should be! All you need to do is add a 22 oz tap beer from their large selection on tap and you are good to go!

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