Can you imagine if a candidate running for a race won with 70% of the vote? That would be insane! They would call it a landslide victory. Why is it then that time and time again Wisconsin voters overwhelmingly approve legalization of marijuana and are ignored?

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is still very much illegal in Wisconsin. The state doesn't even have legal medicinal marijuana. Legalize marijuana proponents have been trying and failing year after year to make progress on the issue. Meanwhile, it becomes clear time and time again that Wisconsinites want the legalization of cannabis.

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Advocates for legalizing marijuana have managed to get advisory referendums on local ballots in yesterday's midterm elections. There were 8 cities and counties this time around that put the question up to voters: "Should marijuana be legalized and taxed like alcohol for people over the age of 21?"


Cities & counties that approved the legalization of marijuana on November 8, 2022:

  • Milwaukee County - legalize and tax like alcohol
  • Dane County - legalize and tax like alcohol, previous arrests for small amounts of marijuana expunged
  • Eau Claire County - legalize and tax like alcohol
  • Appleton - legalize and tax like alcohol
  • Kenosha - legalize and tax like alcohol
  • Racine - legalize and tax like alcohol
  • Stevens Point - legalize and tax like alcohol
  • Superior - legalize and tax like alcohol

According to, Dane County has been putting the question on the ballot in various forms since 2010. Support has varied from 64.55% to 76.4%.

Superior, Wisconsin approves legalization.

The Douglas County midterm election's unofficial results show the Superior City Advisory Referendum asking if Marijuana should be legalized and taxed the same as alcohol for those over 21. 6,804 people voted in favor of legalization. 2,696 voted no.

Over 71% of Superior voters approved.

Can you imagine if any other question on the ballot had that much support?  A landslide win is when there is a 10% margin in the presidential election. How about over a 40% margin? That's what happened in last night's vote. Only 28.38% voted against it.

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