Every time that a legalization bill in Wisconsin gets shot down I end up thinking the same thing. "Don't they know?" You've been able to get a good cannabis buzz in Wisconsin for a long time.

The State of Wisconsin can't even get its heads together to come up with a medical cannabis bill.  Recreational legalization? Really it's going to have to be federally legal before Wisconsin will join the 21st century and do anything about it.

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Wisconsin fails again to make any progress for medical cannabis legalization.

Recently, the top proponent for medical marijuana legalization admitted that it would be "futile" to try and pass something this year. The bill doesn't have enough support in the Wisconsin Senate.

What I want to know, is that do these lawmakers that oppose legalization realize that you can already get stoned in the Badger state, and legally?

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You can already legally get stoned in Wisconsin.

In liquor stores, bars, and grocery stores across the state they are already selling hemp-derived cannabis. Because hemp is federally legal, cannabis growers are making products that are 100% derived from legal hemp. There seems to be a new strain everytime I turn around. Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC (from hemp), TCO, etc.

Photo by Alex Person on Unsplash
Photo by Alex Person on Unsplash

CBD has been federally legal as well. CBD doesn't have the psychoactive THC in it, but Delta 8 and other strains do. Go to any smoke shop or hemp dispensary in the state and you'll see that you will have no problem finding a product to get you "high."

It's not as potent as cannabis you'll get from a dispensary, but it's still potent enough in higher quantities. Drink a Cheech & Chong beverage or two and you'll definitely be feeling it.

Ken Hayes
Ken Hayes

Half of Wisconsin residents are within driving distance of legal dispensaries anyway.

PBS did a story on the fact that Wisconsin is surrounded by legal states. It's estimated that over half of residents 21 or older live within a 75-minute drive of a legal dispensary.

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"The most dangerous thing about weed in Wisconsin is that it's illegal."

Proponents of legalization have been saying this for some time. Legalizing and regulating marijuana would allow the state to offer protection to consumers by ensuring that producers follow guidelines and testing. CBD and hemp products are in the Wild West period where anything goes. Not to mention people going to the black market where who knows what's in it.

So why do people drive to other states to purchase it legally? For starters, there's a better selection and you know what you're buying.

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70% of Wisconsin Residents Responsible Adult-Use Policy For Medical Cannabis

Can you imagine any other topic in politics that has a 70% support rate? 7 out of 10 people are okay with medical legalization in Wisconsin, yet it can't be done.

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