I love to grill out, and I love Chilli (no beans...ugh), I was reminded of a recipe by my Aunt Lynn that my Grandpa Irv used to make and it’s a winner in my book, but with a twist.

I am not a fan of raw onions. Whenever I eat them everything tastes like onions, and my fingers smell all day. This recipe called for raw onions, so I chopped mine up fine. Also, the pickles have to be kosher (hey my Grandpa specified that in the recipe!), but anything else you can play with, like the cheese. I like the smoothe melt of the muenster cheese, some prefer cheddar…….do what you like.

Watch the video at the bottom and see how to prepare them, I was on Northland’s News Center with Jennifer Auston and Adam Lorch and made them, so you can get some instructions in preparation.

nncnow.com used by permission
nncnow.com used by permission








Otherwise, here is what you need:

1-2 lb burger

3 cans no beans chili

slices of cheese

sliced pickles (kosher)


a chopped onions



Grill or fry burger (prefer grill), then drop into chili and cook with the chili for about 10 minutes. Take chili and burgers out, put them in a container, let them sit overnight in the fridge. Dump chili contents back into pan, heat up and serve on bun with cheese on bottom, a little chili on top, add two small pickles or one long sliced (cut in half), mustard then chopped onions. Serve.

See the video Here.Thanks to NNC for posting this.

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