It's National Burger Day! Yay! Let's celebrate by eating one of America's favorite foods. There are now more burger options than ever before in history, so everyone can participate. Some of the national restaurant chains are getting in on the fun too, offering some free burgers or other menu items to celebrate. Here's how you can celebrate national burger day with some freebies with some helpful information from USA Today.

McDonalds is offering free fries each Friday in June.

So for a lot of these deals, you need to use the companies' apps. Not a big deal, to get something for free, right? Make a mobile order and you can get free medium fries from McDonalds.

Burger King is giving away free Whoppers, and also buy one get one for a $1 deals.

Go to the Burger King app and claim your free whopper. You also can get buy one get one for a dollar deals on the Whopper, Impossible Whopper and more.

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Wendy's is giving out free burgers with purchase on their app.

Wendy's app has some deals and the mobile offer to get a free Dave's Single or Junior Bacon Cheeseburger today.

Even Pepsi is getting involved on National Burger Day.

You can get a free Pepsi if you post a picture of your self having a Pepsi with any burger purchased Friday on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Make sure you use the #BetterWithPepsi. Hold on to your receipt too because that's how they will verify it.

There's other brands that are doing some promotions as well, but those are the big chains around the Northland that are offering something. You can get the full list at USA Today. 

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