It looks like we have to wait another few weeks until we step foot in a Spirit Halloween here in Duluth! I have been anxious to see when the store is opening as a Halloween enthusiast. I even went in person the other day to try and get an update! Now, I have one.

According to the Spirit Halloween website, the new Duluth location will not be opening this month. Instead, it will be opening at some point in September. This is a bit of a bummer, as historically the Duluth locations have opened in August.

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There are other Minnesota locations open right now so if you really can't wait, you can take a little road trip. This includes the stores in North Branch, over an hour from the Duluth area, and a huge store in the Mall Of America.

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It looks like the Duluth location is one of the last to open, at least in this area. In case you didn't know, the Halloween superstore is going into the old Bed Bath & Beyond along Central Entrance. It will occupy the same space it did last year, next to Buffalo Wild Wings and across from the Miller Hill Mall.

The late opening date is even more of a bummer given the fact that there is only one Spirit Halloween location in Duluth this year. Last year, we were spoiled with two locations in Duluth alone for the very first time. The other was in the Miller Hill Mall but that doesn't look like it is happening this year.

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I know some people will roll their eyes at this, given the fact that it is still summer and only August. However, if you are a big Halloween person, you look forward to going to Spirit Halloween for the first time. I guess this gives us more time to save up for all of the Halloween treasures.

The good news? There is now a Spirit Halloween movie, which came out last year and stars Minnesota native Rachael Leigh Cook. The movie is about a group of kids who camp out in the store and the creatures come alive. The flick will definitely tide you over until September!

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