It may seem a little too early for Halloween season but the truth is that fall is almost here and spooky times are upon us, whether you like it or not. As a Halloween enthusiast myself, I know that this is around the time Spirit Halloween stores start popping up in Minnesota.

Last year, there were two different Spirit Halloween locations in Duluth alone! There was one in the Miller Hill Mall and another right across the street next to Buffalo Wild Wings. I was driving by the one across from the mall and noticed some signage in the empty building so I decided to drive by.

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Sure enough, there were a few signs indicating that Spirit Halloween was moving into the building yet again this year. The vacant building used to be a Bed Bath & Beyond but has remained empty for the most part since it closed early in 2022, with the exception of the pop-up Halloween store.

No other information is known at this time, like when exactly the store will open up but it is likely it will happen sometime in August. Last year, the Spirit Halloween location in the mall opened in early August, so we may not even have to wait that long if the store remains on the same timeline as usual this time around.

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Spirit Halloween hasn't been around for that long in the Northland. The chain opened its first location here in 2020 in the old Shopko location in the midst of the pandemic, and right along Central Entrance. Northlanders must be a big fan because the store has returned every year since.

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As for a second Spirit Halloween location for the year, that remains to be seen. There is no Spirit Halloween store listed on the Miller Hill Mall's website at the time of writing. The official Spirit Halloween website says more details about locations will be available after Monday (July 24th). I will stay on the beat, of course!

If you're not a Halloween enthusiast, you might be thinking it is too early to start celebrating Halloween. I would agree that it is a bit early and summer isn't over just yet BUT if you love all things spooky, you should celebrate year round.

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