We've been pretty spoiled this winter with relatively warm temperatures and not a ton of snow. We did have one snowstorm in mid-December that hit the Northland pretty hard but other than that, it has been smooth sailing for the most part.

It looks like that is about to change this week with a massive winter storm that is headed our way. While it is still a bit too early to nail down exact details, like how much snow we will see and exactly when, most local meteorologists agree that this could get ugly.

Early reports say we could get over six inches in the Duluth area, with some spots getting up to sixteen inches due to lake enhancement. According to the National Weather Service of Duluth, we will also see whiteout conditions at times, dangerous travel and hazardous wind chill values.

With all of this being said, Spectrum is preparing customers in the area for potential service outages, which would not be out of the question in a storm like this. I received a text message on Monday (February 20th), stating that I should be prepared in case the power or Spectrum's service does go out in my area.

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Spectrum does have information on their website about storms and what to do in the case of an outage like this. The website states that you should log in to your account to make sure you are signed up for notifications so you can be alerted if the service goes out in your area.

If this does happen, Spectrum says they will wait until it is safe for employees to begin fixing the issue. They always say there might be a delay if weather continues to be severe in a certain area or if there are unplowed roads or other dangerous situations relating to the winter storm.

Should there be an outage, you do have a few options in the meantime while you wait for things to get restored. A message at the top of Spectrum's website states the following;

Severe weather or a natural disaster is expected to impact your area and may cause a service outage. TV customers who experience an outage can use our Spectrum TV App for programming options. Internet customers can use our WiFi access points.


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