30 year old David Andrew Smithson killed a man several years ago after driving under the influence of Meth and Heroin. The man was a father of four that he struck on Grand Avenue just before Christmas in 2015. You would think a tragic accident like that would change someone's life around, or at least get them to stop driving under the influence.  Nope.

Smithson was arrested just months after being released from prison just a block away. According to the Duluth News Tribune, the Mn State Patrol responded to a report of a man blocking an off ramp on I 35. He appeared to be bobbing his head or having a seizure. The trooper notice he was under the influence and he admitted to the trooper that he had a needle in his car and he had been using.

He is now charged with first-degree driving while impaired, where he could see a maximum of 7 years in prison. There is no bail.

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