If you don't love all things spooky, you may roll your eyes at this but for Halloween lovers, this is the time of the year Spirit Halloween starts popping up! It may seem a little early but fall will be here before you know it.

Recently, I learned that a Spirit Halloween store would be returning to Duluth this year. I just happened to drive by the old Bed Bath & Beyond location along Central Entrance and noticed that there was already signage on the front saying the Halloween superstore would be back in action this year.

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While this was great news, I was curious if there would be a second Spirit Halloween this year. Last year for the very first time, we had two different Spirit Halloween stores. One was in the location mentioned above right across from the mall and the second was inside the Miller Hill Mall!

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I was curious if this would happen again, as I didn't see any signs of a Spirit Halloween store returning to the mall this year. Finally, Spirit Halloween updated their locations on their website and the Miller Hill Mall wasn't on the list, which means it is very likely that we are only getting the one location this year. There is also no mention of a Spirit Halloween store on the Miller Hill Mall's website or social media pages.

I doubt that this is going to change since these locations are always planned out in advance and shared online near the end of July every year. One is better than none and it may be better for our wallet if there is only one anyway. Ha!

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Spirit Halloween usually opens at some point in August. Get your Halloween costume ready because the best time of the year will be here before you know it!

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