Earlier this month, a Houston mother witnessed her daughter nearly getting hit by a car while getting off her school bus. That video went viral and prompted a local warning to Northland Drivers.

The Minnesota State Patrol shared that mother's nightmare through their Twitter account, which you can see below.  They also reminded drivers that stopping for school buses is the law, plain and simple.

They also shared their video above, which not only goes over the law but also shares some very scary stories that bus drivers and parents unfortunately have to tell.  It's worth 5 minutes out of your day to watch.

The bottom line is that nobody is ever in such a hurry that they can validate driving though a bus stop sign.  When that stop sign is out, it means that kids will be crossing the street and people ignoring that fact could kill someone.

If you see anyone blow past a school bus that is dropping off kids, do not hesitate to take note of their license plate number and notify law enforcement right away.

Currently the penalty for breaking this law in Minnesota is a fine of $500 - $1,200 and 30 license suspension.  If there is an injury or fatality, that changes everything.

I'm all for doubling that current penalty at the very least.

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