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Remember To Stop For School Buses, It's The Law
I think everyone knows that when you see a school bus stopped with lights flashing, you stop. No matter how long it takes or how busy you are, you stop every single time to protect the lives of the kids getting off or on the bus. That's why I was shocked to read how many people are cited by l…
Duluth School Bus Involved In Accident On Grand Avenue [Pics]
While on air this morning, the Breakfast Club received several calls from listeners reporting an accident on Grand Avenue in Duluth involving a school bus and two vehicles.  Ken and I passed this information along hoping to divert traffic from that area while awaiting word from the authorities …
School Has Started, Drivers Watch For Kids!
The kids are in school today, and that means by this afternoon we will start with the sometimes hectic and crazy herds of children in your neighborhood.  School buses will be out, and everyone needs to be extra careful while driving.  Here's a refresher of some of the laws.