We've been talking about the health benefits of olive oil and the reason why Rustic Olive's olive oil and balsamic vinegar stands out above the rest with flavor and freshness.  With Easter this weekend people are looking for eggs, to color and to eat.  Did you know you can get farm fresh eggs at the Rustic Olive too? 

Andy from the Rustic Olive has has been sharing recipes for several weeks now.  The fact that olive oil is used means that the main dishes, salads, snacks and desserts are flavorful and healthy.  This time, Andy surprises us by letting us know they also offer farm fresh eggs, just in time for Easter.  He says it's from his backyard flock, you can't get much fresher than that!  They come in an array of beautiful colors, if you don't have time to color your eggs, you can just hard boil and put these out on your Easter brunch table!  Or, Andy gives us some great tips on ways to spice up your eggs with olive oil.

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