UPDATE: several news outlets are reporting Miranda dumped salad on the woman's lap, rather than her head. We will continue to update as we learn more.

Oof. This isn't good.

TMZ broke a big story early Wednesday morning: Miranda Lambert dumped salad on someone's head after a fight broke out at a Nashville restaurant over the weekend.

Details on the feud are limited at this time but here's what we do know:

  • The heated exchange took place at Stoney River Steakhouse in Music City.
  • The feud was on Sunday night.
  • Miranda was with her mom and another family friend.
  • The fight supposedly began in the bathroom after someone made a wisecrack about millennials and their cell phones and then continued to escalate from there.
  • TMZ reports a man from the other party was the one that started the fight with Miranda's friend.

Here's where the salad comes in. According to TMZ, the man who picked the fight came up to the table and started screaming. Miranda wasn't happy with this and "eventually walked over to the man's wife, got feisty with her and dumped a salad in her lap."

Eyewitnesses also told the news outlet that Miranda had to be held back when the man first approached the table. Yikes.

A local news station in Nashville also reported on the story and says that no police report has been filed. The police did get a call about the fight and showed up to the restaurant but Miranda, her mom and friend were already gone.

We will have to see how this one shakes out.

Between THIS and THIS, it hasn't been the best year of press for the country star. One thing is for sure - we will probably get a song about this and I'm excited for it.

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