Jordan Davis is coming to Minnesota! He is playing a show Saturday night (July 22nd) at Black Bear Casino Resort and I think I speak for everyone when I say I can't wait for the show and it is going to be amazing!

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In honor of his stop in Minnesota this weekend, I had the chance to talk to the country star on The Breakfast Club. Ken and I always sing along to his tunes so we were really excited. Of course, we asked him all about what we can expect from his show and how life as a new dad (again!) has been lately.

We also took the opportunity to help him settle a mosquito debate: are they worse in Minnesota or are mosquitoes in his home state of Louisiana as terrible as everyone says? We also talk about what he does backstage on his current tour and the answers he gave us will definitely surprise you.

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You can hear our full interview with Jordan Davis below! The interview starts around the thirteen minute mark so jump ahead if you want to hear everything Jordan had to say. If you are going to his show, you will love his answer when we asked what those in the audience are in for come Saturday night.

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Of course, we also had to ask him about his number one hot streak, after scoring another number one hit recently. We touch on a bunch of other fun topics. He is sure to put a smile on your face.

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