The topic of UFOs and alien visitors has always fascinated me. I do believe that the government has been hiding something from us all these years. I know saying that makes people think we're crazy, but with recent revelations of a Pentagon program, released footage of F18's chasing a flying object, and countless sighting there is just too much evidence to ignore. That's kind of how this all started with Project Blue Book back in the 50's.

The History Channel airs this scripted series based on true events. See back when the public was in hysteria over space aliens visiting following Roswell, and other sightings, the US Government put together a team to investigate and explain these strange happenings. It was called Project Blue Book.

The government can explain all of these sightings, but what this show explores is the story behind the explanations, and how it could be a cover up. It's pretty fantastic. There's of course aliens, espionage, men in black hats, conspiracy, crime, and plenty of drama.

It's a good show with good acting, suspenseful story line, and enough unsolved mysteries to spark your imagination.

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