About a year ago, I purchased a relatively inexpensive trail camera from Walmart.  I wasn't sure how the quality was going to be, but I took the risk.  It was a Primos Bullet Proof Trail Cam and it cost about 60 bucks.  Here's how it held up after a year.

The real reason I bought the trail cam was for security purposes.  There had been some vandalism in the neighborhood and I wanted to at least get a photo of who was doing it.  (Long story short, vandalism stopped shortly after I installed the camera.)

I kept the camera up and checked it after the first month.  The picture quality was pretty good, and I put a 32 g sd card in so it could take a TON of pictures without me having to empty the card.

The date/ time stamp is a nice feature to have, because I can look back at how long the camera had been up.  I put the camera back up with the same AA batteries in November.  It stayed up, untouched through the entire harsh winter (multiple days well below zero.)  The manual says the batteries last 9 months.  I figured with as cold as it gets around here there would be no way they would last.

Yesterday I took down the camera.  10 months later (I know this because of the time stamp). I was pleasantly surprised to see that the last picture was just moments ago of me opening the door.  It was still working.  It took roughly 11,000 pictures, survived the harsh Northland winter, and was still going.   I changed out the batteries and put it back, but it probably would have still gone for quite some time if I hadn't of switched it out.

For the price, I was really impressed.  I'm going to stick with this brand.  Great product.

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