From store parking lots to festivals, fairs, grad parties, and countless other places, food trucks now seem to be everywhere.

It's interesting to note that food trucks existed well before the 2000s. However, sources say that now as restaurant owners look for alternate ways to give their business a boost, while also having social media at their disposal, the food truck industry has exploded over the last few decades.

While the restaurant industry is an ever-changing space, the food truck business continues to grow, representing a $1.4B market in the U.S. as of 2022, and those numbers continue to grow.

Unfortunately, some food trucks aren't around for the long haul regardless of their popularity and such is the case with a popular Minnesota food truck. There is, however, a silver lining in this case.

Major Announcement Made From A Northern Minnesota Favorite

This week, Log Home Wood Fired Pizza announced through its Facebook page that its food truck would no longer be serving the public. "It is with a heavy heart we share an extremely difficult business decision - we are pulling the food truck off the road for good", is how the announcement began.

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Owners went on to say that the primary reason for the decision was that they've had a lot of problems with the truck they no longer wish to invest in it, so they're permanently canceling their mobile vending season.

A Silver Lining Found In The Announcement

Some good news could be found within the announcement as owners said they will be focusing on their restaurant, located at 242 MN-210 W in McGregor, and catering will continue with their original trailer.

So, those who wish to continue to enjoy Log Home Wood Fired Pizza's Artisan Pizza of the Northwoods will still have the opportunity to do so, just not from their food truck.

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