Road construction has been taking place for quite some time now on Belknap Street in Superior.  It's a necessary evil, as this stretch has needed to be fixed for quite some time.  A glaring problem has come up though, and it's frustrated quite a few people.  You aren't supposed to turn from Tower Avenue onto Belknap Street, but people still do.   This causes some pretty bad traffic congestion.

There's several signs that clearly show that you aren't suppose to turn.  While I stopped to snap this photo, I saw 5 vehicles turn.  If it's a slow time of day, it doesn't make that big of a mess.  But if there's a lot of traffic coming both directions on a busy time of day, it can really cause some stress and congestion.

The point of the intersection now is to just allow traffic on Tower to flow freezly, and Belknap street to move adequately.  If someone is trying to turn onto Belknap and they are waiting for approaching traffic, it just stops the whole long one lane of cars behind it.

I suggest people just find a different route all together.  I use 21st Street and Winter Street now to get across town.  That is, unless I'm visiting a Belknap business.  (That are open during construction.)

Either way whatever you do, please don't make turns from Tower Avenue onto Belknap.  In either direction!

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