It's obvious to Minnesota motorists when a project is underway that will change the flow of traffic. For example, whenever a roundabout is being constructed it's a major undertaking in that area.

However, sometimes a project that is subtle by comparison can also have a major impact on traffic flow in the best of ways.

For example, the signal timing between traffic signals on a road plays a large role in how traffic moves in and out of the area. The Minnesota Department of Transportation is keenly aware of that fact and they continuously monitor traffic signal timing throughout the state and look for ways it could be improved, to the benefit of motorists.

Recently, MnDot announced plans to update signal timing on a Minnesota Highway that will benefit motorists by reducing delays, stops, fuel usage, and wear and tear on their vehicles. That note that nationally, updating traffic signal timing has been shown to reduce traffic delay by 15-40 percent, reduce travel times by up to 25 percent, and have a benefit-to-cost ratio that can exceed 50:1.

Beginning Monday, November 27, updated signal timing plans will be implemented on all seven traffic signals along Highway 22 in Mankato.

Mankato, MN / Canva
Mankato, MN / Canva

MnDOT says the updated timing plans account for changes in traffic volumes and patterns that have developed since the traffic signals along Highway 22 in Mankato were last coordinated in 2019.  Motorists can expect to encounter more green lights when traveling the speed limit but may experience a bit more delay in crossing or turning onto Highway 22. Pedestrian signal timing was also checked to ensure adequate walk/don’t walk crossing times.

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When making a left turn at certain intersections, drivers in the area may find that the left turn arrow appears at a different time in the cycle.

“Motorists will need to pay closer attention to the signals, as the timing and sequencing may not be what they are used to,” explained Scott Thompson, District Traffic Engineer. These changes were made to improve how the traffic signals operate together as a system.

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