This amendment would make it a requirement to have a government issued photo ID in order to vote in Minnesota.  I was actually amazed when I moved, and then registered to vote in my new location, how little verification was actually required.

In my opinion, you need more than just a government issued photo ID to open a checking account so requiring one to do something as important as vote is not asking too much.  What do you think?


The debate over Minnesota's voting system now moves to the voters, with a possible stopover in court.

The Republican-controlled Minnesota Senate voted 35-29 to approve the bill Wednesday to approve a proposed constitutional amendment that would significantly change Minnesota's voting system. It would require all voters at the polls to show a photo ID, would create a new system of provisional voting, would stiffen eligibility requirements for registration and would state that the only acceptable ID's are "government-issued."

The measure passed the Republican-controlled House after midnight Tuesday on a party-line vote, with Republicans supporting it.

It now goes on the Nov. 6 ballot, where voters will decide whether to cement the proposed changes into the Minnesota Constitution.

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