The Elections Commission of Wisconsin voted yesterday to mail absentee ballot applications to most voters ahead of November's presidential election.

Mordecai Lee, professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee said to FOX6  "This is great news for Wisconsin voters because it means that the paralysis of state government and the gridlock both in Madison and Washington is not affecting good government issues. "

Given the fact that last week the vote was split 3-3 on whether to mail the forms to all registered voters in the state Democrats favored the broad mailing, while Republicans were opposed to it.  Though this week the panel reached a unanimous agreement on mailing these ballots out to 2.7 million registered voters they need to agree on the wording of the mailing. They will decide on the wording in June.

What is important for people to understand is this mailing would send out an absentee ballot application form, not actual ballots. In order to receive a ballot, the voter must return the completed form with a copy of their photo ID. The a paper form will be sent to the voter and can be returned in the mail, but they would also receive information about how to request a ballot electronically through the state’s website called MyVote .

Lee said to FOX6  "Probably the biggest obstacle is going to be President Trump. I wouldn't be surprised if by tomorrow or by this weekend, he starts bashing Republicans on the commission for doing this." She went on to say "In this situation, where it's so easy to vote by mail, we might bust 90% (turnout), which from the point of view of good government, is as good as we get, and it would be marvelous to have that happen."

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