Yes, it is frustrating, but hang on a second! We just had one of the most brutal winters in a long time in the Northland, followed by a remarkably quick thaw with this rain. I've seen people already complaining about the amount of potholes and even already blaming the city. While yes, we have some pretty tough roads around here we need to at least give our cities a chance to do some work before we start complaining.

The other issue that not a lot of people realize is that they can't do the hot asphalt mix for a while until the weather warms up. Crews are limited to using cold asphalt mix that is really just a temporary fix, and they use it for just the really bad spots. The asphalt doesn't stay in place until they can get the hot mix out, so we just need to have a little bit of patience. Slow down and try to avoid them if possible.

This year has been especially tough with not only extremely cold temperatures with the polar vortex, but also heavy amounts of snow followed by intense rain. It's the perfect storm for pot holes. So please, let's all have a little bit of patience.

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