To some, the fact that there are hungry friends and family IN the Northland is shocking.  You always think that happens in another part of the Country, or to someone you don't know.  But, the harsh reality, is that it is happening and it's hard for some people to even travel the distance to gt assistance.  Lakeside Pastors identified the need and decided they were going to do something about it.

While area food shelves put forth a concerted effort to raise funds and food during March a group of congregations have opened a food shelf in Lakeside to serve hungry neighbors in the Lakeside, Lester Park and North Shore communities.

“My youth minister came to me with stories about young people coming to activities complaining about being hungry,” explained Joan Goeble, Pastor at Lester Park United Methodist Church. She brought the concept to the Lakeside / Lester Park Clergy Association where she discovered other pastors in Lakeside, Lester Park and North Shore communities had also identified a need in their congregations.

“We learned that some people we serve at our churches may go to the CHUM Food Shelf but would prefer not have to drive so far,” continued Paster Goeble, Those who live in the country and are unemployed or underemployed are struggling to purchase gas and food. A food shelf in Lakeside will allow them to drive less and still get supplemental emergency food.

CHUM is sponsoring the Lakeside Food Shelf at Faith Lutheran Church at 51st Avenue East and Glenwood Street, which is open on Mondays from 11 AM to 2 PM. Volunteers from Lester Park United Methodist, Lakeside Presbyterian, Duluth Congregational, French River Lutheran, St. Michael’s Roman Catholic, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, and Faith Lutheran are staffing the food shelf and CHUM is supplying non-perishable food to distribute.

It is in the spirit of serving our neighbors that CHUM continues to support grassroots initiatives by area congregations. Contributions of cash or food to CHUM’s Duluth Emergency Food Shelves in West Duluth, East (Downtown) Duluth and Lakeside during March will be proportionately matched by the Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign and the Feinstein Foundation. If you wish to help, mail or drop off donations at either 120 N 1st Avenue West or 4831 Grand Avenue. Checks should be made out to CHUM Food Shelf. Donations also can be given online at   Faith Lutheran Church is on a bus line and is handicapped accessible.

Info via:  Press Release, Mary M. Schmitz, Development Director, CHUM Duluth



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