Like many cities, Duluth has a problem with homelessness. Duluth also has brutally cold winters that can be deadly to those left out in the elements.

I was recently driving down Superior Street when I saw a homeless man with a cart full of sawed logs. He was throwing them down the embankment to where his camp was below the street.

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The homeless camps aren't hard to find if you look. You can see tents and tarps just inside the tree line of wooded areas near downtown.

Almanac North sent a camera crew during the pandemic to interview those people who are homeless and see how they get by and how we as a community can support them.

Almanac North YouTube
Almanac North YouTube

One of the most heartbreaking takeaways from the video is where the mom says all she cares about this time of year is finding presents for her son.

Another man said he wished he could connect with his family and have them over for the holidays, but he can't invite people to his tent. It's a lonely situation for many of these people.

Almanac North YouTube
Almanac North YouTube

More people are sleeping outdoors in 2023 than any other winter in Duluth.

Warming centers are available in Duluth, and the season recently began on November 1st. Chum has a facebook page for the warming shelters, and they shared that this year they have more need than we ever have. More people are sleeping outdoors than have any winter.

Volunteers needed

Volunteers are needed in both the evenings and mornings to help at the warming shelter. Volunteers must be 18 years old and be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Donations needed

You can donate directly to Chum, and they will get the things they need to the warming shelters.

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City offers free bus rides to warming shelters.

You can also help spread the word that the city offers free bus rides to the warming shelters in Duluth.

Extreme cold isn't always the most dangerous.

I was surprised to learn how dangerous temperatures around freezing are. You would think below freezing would be more dangerous, but a wet temperature of around 32 degrees is a direct path to pneumonia, according to CHUM workers.

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