This morning Meg Kearns from CHUM came in to talk about the need for food donations.  One of the most shocking statistics is that at CHUM they hand out over 10 TONS of food each month.  That's amazing!  That's over 20,000 lbs of food.

Food supplies are getting pretty low and CHUM could use your help.  This Saturday it's pretty easy to donate food to CHUM.  When you grocery shop, boy scouts will be handing out lists of food items needed at CHUM.  Pick a couple of items off the list, purchase them, and then give them to the volunteers.  It's a simple way to help.  The SHARE food drive will be taking place at the following grocery stores in Duluth:

Super One Stores, Mount Royal Fine Foods, Cub Foods, Paulson's Super Value, Whole Foods Co-Op, and Homecroft Supervalu.

If you would like to volunteer, call Meg at 727-2391.