Where has the summer gone?!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know 'The Bachelorette' has been airing every single Monday night. Even if you haven't watched, you've surely seen it plastered all over social media.

If you don't watch, I will fill you in. This season was extra special because the leading lady, Becca Kufrin, is a Minnesotan herself. She has a career in public relations and lives in Prior Lake. It's been fun to watch her journey unfold for this reason alone. Overall, she was an awesome 'Bachelorette.'

In the season premiere, the land we love was featured briefly. Kufrin hung out on the steps of the Saint Paul Capitol. Pairing this opening scene with a few other brief mentions of the Land of 10,000 Lakes AND a few hints of her midwestern accent and we definitely feel special.

Nevertheless, it all came to an end tonight as The Bachelorette handed out her final rose. So did she pick Garrett, the handsome frontrunner or Blake, the fan favorite?

SPOILERS BELOW. Continue at your own risk. 

Becca handed out her final rose to Garrett.

I liked both of the final men but I had a soft spot in my heart for Blake. I definitely see what Becca sees in Garrett and why she ultimately chose him in the end. I had no idea who she was going to pick because she seemed equally in love with both of them so that definitely made for a good season. Hopefully, Blake will be the next Bachelor so he gets his happy ending!

(By the way - the winner, Garrett, claimed one of the reasons he loves Becca is because of the way she says bag! Yes, it's true. He loves her Minnesotan accent and the way we say the word. Win!)

I will say one thing: why on earth do some of the leads let someone propose when they know they are going to say no? I feel like that is so cruel. Maybe the producers make them do that so they can have an extra dramatic finale but it doesn't even make for good television because it's so hard to watch. I feel awful for Blake that he had to pour his heart out for a few minutes in front of millions of people while Becca knew she was going to send him on his way right after. I prefer it much more when they send them home before the final day, which does happen once in a blue moon.

I guess anything goes in Bachelor Nation. Until next time!

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