Another season of 'The Bachelorette' is here and whether you don't care or you care too much, this season will be special for those of us in the area. Why? The lead is from Prior Lake!

Becca Kufrin got engaged on the season finale of 'The Bachelor' last season only to be dumped shortly after. It all went down on television, by the way.

Now, she's the new lead and we have an extra reason to at least turn it on come Monday nights, especially the season premiere!

Reality television guru Reality Steve posted a blog saying 'The Bachelorette' did indeed film in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

According to his website, we will see "a very short clip from when Becca and that one political dude were on the Capitol steps in Minnesota before filming began, but they don’t really show why or what the point of it was. Just more to let you know fans were there, they were excited for her and cheering her on."

By the way, the "political guy" in question is Rep. Drew Christensen. He (jokingly?) tweeted after all the drama went down that if he got a certain number of retweets, he would draft a bill banning Arie (the last Bachelor and the one that dumped her on television) from the state of Minnesota. He followed through and shared a photo of said bill. If it will ever turn into anything is another thing but we still love him for trying such a thing.

Law or not - we can't wait to see how the new Bachelorette represents Minnesota come Monday, May 28th. We have many reasons to believe she'll kill it!


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