Whether you want to admit it or not, you are probably a fan of the Bachelor franchise. At the very least, you've watched an episode or two in the privacy of your own home.

We won't talk about the last season because it was rough BUT one good thing did come out of it: A Minnesotan Bachelorette!

Becca Kufrin reigns from Prior Lake and did Minnesota proud on Arie's season of The Bachelor. In case you missed it: he chose her in the end only to dump her shortly after. (AND he brought along a camera crew for it.) He then begged the runner-up to take him back.

It seems Kufrin's going to be just fine. The publicist is poised to take over as the Bachelorette and because she's a Minnesota girl, we don't worry about her at all.

Here are 5 reasons she will be the best lead yet.

  • 1

    She'll Be 'Minnesota Nice'

    "Minnesota Nice" is a real thing. Minnesotans have a reputation of being kinder than anyone else in the country. Sometimes the leads from the show can be brutal so it's nice to know that won't be the case here.

  • 2

    She'll Be Down To Earth

    Here in Minnesota, we are grounded. We aren't about the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. We aren't searching for fame or looking to become the next big movie star. We have a strong work ethic and humble roots. These traits will set her apart from a few leads of the past. Ahem.

  • 3

    She'll Have The Most Cordial Goodbyes

    Sometimes the Bachelor or Bachelorette will let someone go and not give any explanation as to why. They will say goodbye and send a contestant off without saying more than a few words. Because Kufrin hails from Minnesota, she'll drag on her goodbyes, as we are known to do. That is good news here because it means no one will go home without complete clarity. We're feeling thankful for the 'Minnesota goodbye' right about now.

  • 4

    She Won't Let Weather Rain On Her Parade

    We are used to just about everything here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, which means this Bachelorette won't let anything slow her down. Rain? Snow? Tornado? Eh. No problem. The show must go on and it will because there really isn't any natural disaster we can throw Kufrin's way that she won't be able to handle.

  • 5

    She'll Bring New Lingo To The Show

    Uff da. Dontcha know. So many options, so little time. We are often made fun of for some of our famous phrases but that won't be the case much longer. The Bachelorette is always seen as cool so when she starts speaking her native language, others will follow suit. Look for "oh, for cute" to become the new catch phrase of 2018. You heard it in Minnesota first.

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