July was a hot one in the Northland! At one point near the end of the month, we saw heat indices in the triple digits around the area. It was brutal and lasted for most of that work week without even a breeze for some cool relief. This was true in the Northland and Minnesota in general.

While much cooler temperatures are on the way to usher in the new month of August, I was curious if we would see the beginning of the end of summertime. After all, summer is short-lived in the Northland. To find out the answer, I turned to the Old Farmer's Almanac.

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You can't always believe what they predict for the month ahead, but I still like to look just for fun. Plus, how far off can they really be in the summertime? With that said, here's what they are forecasting for the month ahead.

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The Start Of August In The Northland

What can we expect to start the month? We can expect sunshine through the first week of the month, with things starting off on a cooler note for the first few days before turning hot again a few days in.

What About The Middle & End Of The Month?

From the second week of the month through the end of the month, things won't be quite as sunny. We can expect showers and thunderstorms with warm temperatures near the end of the month. Temperatures will get "very warm" for the last few days of the month. We better soak in the sunshine while we can.

How Much Rain Will We Get?

If you made it this far, you know it is a rainy month! We will see just under six inches of rain in our region, which is about two inches more than average. Don't be sad, though. We will also be a few degrees warmer than usual!

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How Does The Old Farmer's Almanac Work?

If you're curious, the Old Farmer's Almanac makes long-term weather predictions by region. Our "region" includes most of Minnesota and the northern half of Wisconsin. However, their exact formula is a secret and they won't give it out! You will have to use your imagination.

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