Everyone has been in the football spirit this week after the big Vikings win last Sunday. There is another very important game this weekend and Minnesota is rallying behind the team.

Part of that support for the Vikes? Lighting up different Northland landmarks in purple! It definitely helps the morale and those that are superstitious may believe it will help them win come Sunday.

So what famous staples will be drenched in purple?

Enger Tower is one! Duluth Mayor Emily Nelson announced yesterday that it will be purple beginning Friday and continuing into Saturday and Sunday. She shared a photo too! If you're a huge football fan, this may be the perfect photo opportunity for you.

The Glensheen is also getting in on the Vikings spirit! The venue announced the news earlier this week on their Facebook page. They have already started lighting the beautiful building in purple and will continue to do so this weekend! Employees also shared some kind words for the team. What better reason to visit the Duluth staple?

Last but not least - Lake Superior Brewing! The brewery is found on Superior Street in Duluth and they get the award for "most creative display of support!" They aren't lighting up the building, but the cellars instead. That's enough to make any football - or beer - fan swoon.

Courtesy: Lake Superior Brewing, Twitter
Courtesy: Lake Superior Brewing, Twitter

What other Northland landmarks will be purple this weekend? Let us know!

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