If you've ever had the undesirable experience of pulling up to a parking meter only to realize you can't pay because you don't have any quarters, or have received a parking ticket due to an expired meter, new technology is coming to Duluth which can prevent both from being an issue again. 

The City of Duluth Parking Services Division is seeking City Council approval on an agreement with PassportParking, Inc. to provide parking payment services via mobile app and associated signage for all public on-street metered, off-street lot spaces, and off-street metered lot spaces in the city. The new services provide an expedient new option for customers to pay for parking using a mobile device.

Not only will you be able to pay the parking meter with your phone, but you'll be able to receive meter alerts when your time is running out so you can easily extend your time and avoid getting a ticket.

This technology is used in major cities across the United States and, if approved as expected, we will see it in Duluth by this July.

Follow the link below to explore the PassportParking app and create an account.



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