I'll have to admit that I'm pretty well versed in fast food chain's french fries.  I've been doing a great job in the last few months eating healthier, and now I rarely eat fast food.  However, I just had to try the new fries at Burger King.  I'll have to say they are definitely better tasting than their old recipe.A lot of people had their complaints about the old BK fries.  Most people said they tasted too fatty and too salty.  There wasn't enough of a potato flavor to them.  So to address this, Burger King changed things up.  They made the fries thicker, softer in the middle, and a little less salty.  The change has paid off.  They had their huge campaign last Friday for free fries friday, where you could try them out for yourself.  It continues now, and you can get more info on facebook.

So who has the best fries?  It's a big debate.  Here's my top five.

1.  McDonalds.  I think it's more of a tradition and long standing consistency.

2.  Wendy's. I love Wendy's fries, who have recently changed their recipe a bit too, much the same way that Burger King did, with their natural cut fries.

3.  Five Guys. I don't eat at Five Guy's very often, but when I do, I love the french fries.  They are fatty and delicious, and I like that they keep some of the potato skin on.

4.  Burger King.  Definitely and improvement, and now I feel like I'm eating a french fry.

5.  Hardee's Curly Fries. I know it's completely different than the rest of the list, but you can't leave those off!  (A&W has pretty good curly fries too!)


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