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Burger King 'Whopperrito' Review
I finally got the chance to try a Burger King Whopperito.  If you're unfamiliar with it, it's a Whopper that's been thrown into a burrito wrapper.  You add a little taco sauce and you've got a new menu item.   How would this taste?
Burger King A1 Hearty Mozzerella Bacon Cheesburger Review
I'm a big fan of Burger King.  I think they have better burgers than a lot of the other national chains.  It also helps that there is one right next to my work, and another 2 blocks from my house.  Today I stopped to get a burger.  My favorite in the last few months has been…
Man’s Funeral Procession Stops At Fast Food Drive-Thru
A recently deceased Pennsylvania man went to a fast food restaurant so often that his daughter arranged for his funeral procession stopped by the drive-thru on the way to his burial. This is why you should be nice to your family: when you are dead, they're in charge...
Burger King’s Italian Chicken Sandwich Review
I recently tried the BK Italian Chicken Sandwich out after seeing it featured on their drive thru menu.  I like to try new things, and it looked appetizing.  It was crispy chicken, on a hoagie style bun, with melted mozzarella cheese, topped with marinara sauce.  This could be good!&n…

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