This deal is REALLY cheesy. (Okay, I won't make any other bad jokes.)

Wisconsin is known for its love of cheese and Burger King decided to reward them for it.

Beginning on Sunday, November 25th, the chain will be offering a limited edition 'Green Bay Whopper' sandwich. It will be available in local but select locations across Wisconsin.

The 'Green Bay Whopper' consists of a quarter-pound patty, regular fixings and eight slices of cheese. Yes, you read that right.

You can feast on the sandwich for the same price as a regular whopper, ringing in just under $5 dollars.

According to local media, the whopper will be sold at six Green Bay locations so you'll have to hit the open road if you want to try one out for yourself.

Hurry up - it's only available through Sunday, December 2nd.

There is no word on what exactly prompted this special edition burger but I don't think anyone will care to look into it too much once they have it in their hands.

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