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What Will The Packers Do Without Aaron Rodgers? [VIDEO]
Packer fans all held there breath when Aaron Rodgers left the field Monday night after hurting his shoulder.  I knew he was hurt the minute he hit the ground.  I turned to my friends at the time and said "I think he landed really hard on that shoulder, I bet he's hurt&quo…
Top 5 Green Bay Packers Quarterbacks
With the NFL playoffs in full swing, the Green Bay Packers have a chance to repeat as champions. Aaron Rodgers may win the MVP for the year, and could win the MVP in the Super Bowl again. He is playing at an elite level right now and some people are already calling him one of the greatest quarterbac…
Ndamukong Suh Suspended Two Games For Thanksgiving Stomp
It was the stomp that Green Bay fans weren't all that thankful for, but now the NFL has issued what I think is a fair punishment.  There are reports that he will appeal the suspension, so it seems he hasn't learned his lesson on this.
Ndamukong Suh, the Detroit Lions defensive leader who was ejected …
Green Bay Packers Win Super Bowl XLV
The Green Bay Packers are this seasons champs!  The Packers took advantage of Steeler turnovers and overcame their own dropped passes  to win a close game that came down to the last drive.  Next up for the Vikings and Packers is the draft, but will we have a next season?