UPDATE: At 8:50 p.m. on Wednesday evening (June 26th), staff issued an update to the original story stating that one of their dine and dash customers returned to the restaurant to pay the bill. See their new post below.


You know what they say about karma. Staff at one popular Mexican restaurant in the area are looking for a few people who seemingly dined and dashed, and they want the diners to make it right.

Pedro's Grill and Cantina has two locations: one in Cloquet and a newer location in Superior. This incident happened at the Cloquet location on Tuesday (June 25th). Yikes!

What Happened?

A social media post from the restaurant shows a receipt from the same afternoon, with a bill of about sixty bucks. These two diners had a few drinks and an entrée each.

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Aside from a photo of the receipt, there is also a caption that implies they have this dining and dashing on camera, but want to give these two customers a chance to come in and pay their bill.

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Many local customers voiced support for the restaurant in the comments section. Others also suggested that this could be a simple mistake and the two people thought they paid their bill or simply forgot.

Staff did respond to a few of these comments, saying they hope this is the case and that's why they are giving these two customers time to see the post and come make it right without showing their faces at this moment.

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They also shared that they have a great view of their patio thanks to security cameras, but let's hope they don't have to release that footage and these two customers come forward!

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