Just recently Wasabi Japanese Restaurant re-opened its doors after a fire last year.  As a family, we all always enjoyed it and were excited to be able to once again visit the place known for its all-you-can-eat sushi.

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Being that it just re-opened, when we arrived around 7:00PM the lot was decently packed, but we only had about a 10-minute wait to get seated.

As new construction generally is, the building was fresh, modern, and decorated well.  The staff was friendly and welcoming as we were used to, and some new hires were getting trained in.

Wasabi Bar- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Wasabi Bar- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

Once seated, we were greeted, and ordered our first round.  The food arrived decently quickly and was the usual delicious we always were accustomed to at Wasabi.

Our second round of sushi took a bit longer than we had hoped but with how busy it was, it's totally understandable.  We'll for sure be back again as it seemed like forever it wasn't open, and we were jonesing.

To have Wasabi back in Superior is welcomed and it's right in line with Boulder Taphouse and Pedro's, so there are three great options for dining in a row.

If you haven't check out Wasabi in the past or since it's been open again, stop in and help support them and get your fill of Sushi.

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