This is a whopper of a story. A Burger King in Waukesha, Wisconsin is making headlines but not for their food.

A brawl behind the counter of the fast-food chain was all caught on camera and now the video is going viral.

Cell phone footage shows two women fighting behind the counter near the drive-thru window. One of the women was a customer, dressed in a pink sweatshirt, while the other was the restaurant manager.

The video starts with the two hunched over, grabbing on to each other's hair. Things escalated as two nearby employees tried to pry them apart. Their attempts failed and the brawl moved toward the ordering counter, where a stunned customer looks on.

The angry customer can also be heard screaming and seen attempting to kick and punch the manager, even after a different employee eventually breaks them up.

According to local reports in the area, the diner was arrested shortly after the fight for disorderly conduct and battery.

It is not known what caused the fight but these diners definitely got dinner and a show.

You can watch the brawl below, courtesy of Fox6 in Milwaukee.


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